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Carrefour France pilots Essential hypermarket store

In line with a series of initiatives undertaken by the retailer, Carrefour France launched its first pilot Essential hypermarket in Avignon on 4 April 2019. The format aims to bridge the gap between discount and low-cost operation without compromising on customer and store quality and experience.

The hypermarket at Avignon has reduced its selling area by 3,000 sq.m. While SKUs have dropped from 32,000 to 15,000, the electronics section has disappeared altogether from the store. However, the aisles have been widened significantly, leading to better visibility of product offers while half the checkouts have been reserved for a self-scanning service.

The retailer has invested close to 1 million euros in the Essential pilot store and offers products at a competitive price on a daily basis. Carrefour intends to compensate for the loss of the electronics section by making the store a must-visit destination for best bargain offers – a concept in line with models pioneered by Costco, which currently operates two outlets in the French market. (

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