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Auchan wants to extend the partnership with OMV Petrom

French retailer Auchan Retail Romania and OMV Petrom want to further develop the project launched two years ago to open proximity stores in Petrom gas stations.

The two companies have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding that expresses the intention of both parties to discuss the extension of the partnership, subject to final approval by the Competition Council.

The partnership between Petrom and Auchan Retail Romania was initiated in 2017 with a pilot phase where MyAuchan proximity stores were opened in 15 Petrom stations in both urban and rural areas of Romania. This pilot phase aimed to test the business model and evaluate the potential of the partnership by both partners.

"This widespread cooperation is part of Auchan Retail Romania's ambition to bring our stores closer to all Romanians. The partnership with OMV Petrom, launched in 2017 with a pilot phase, has been very useful for both companies and has helped us improve our proximity offer by identifying the most appropriate range of products and services and, of course, through good prices. Through this partnership, we pursue one of our main strategic objectives: to offer our customers a unique, extraordinary shopping experience", said Ionut Ardeleanu, General Manager of Auchan Retail Romania.

MyAuchan stores at Petrom stations offer a range of up to 3,000 products, from premium foods, including ready-made products, fresh coffee, fresh produce (fruit and vegetables, bakery, dairy) and other groceries to non-food products -food, including cosmetics, baby products and car accessories. The variety of the range depends on the size of each Petrom station.

More details on expanding the partnership will be available in the future after the negotiations are completed.

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