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Carrefour, Danone join forces on organic agriculture initiative

Carrefour and Danone have announced that they have joined forces, along with several other food groups, to launch a new crowdfunding initiative to help French farmers transition to organic farming.  The move makes Carrefour the first retailer to launch such an initiative.

The ‘MiiMOSA Transition’ project – which includes the Herta, d’Aucy, and Les Paysans groups – will see all the partners provide financial support to help producers launch organic agricultural projects.  The money raised will go towards helping farmers upgrade their farming, livestock-rearing, and production methods

Reports said the partners will initially help fund 10 million euros worth of projects, with an aim of reaching 100 million euros within four years with the help of other partners.

Laurent Vallée, Carrefour’s General Secretary, noted: “Our commitment with MiiMOSA is a milestone for Carrefour as part of its drive to support the agricultural transition. It’s something that our producer partners have wanted, as well as all consumers”. (


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