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Kaufland wants 20 stores in Moldova in 10 years

German retailer Kaufland has announced that its first store in Moldova will be opened in the summer of 2019. Moreover, for the next 10 years to reach retailer’s target is a chain of 20 units, the investment amounting to 300 million euros.

"The idea of ​​expansion in the Moldova was born 5 years ago. Initially, we decided to start with 3 stores in Chisinau and then to open at most 6 other stores on the territory of Moldova. Today we are already thinking of opening 20 stores across the country and, moreover, building a logistics center within the next 10 years. This is due to the fact that in addition to trusted partners and the extraordinary quality of the building, we found a good investment climate extremely good and a secure legal framework that is comparable with that of other EU member states in Eastern Europe", said Marco Hößl, general manager of Kaufland Moldova, Romania and the Czech Republic.

The first Kaufland store in the Republic of Moldova will have an area of ​​over 4,600 square meters, with 288 parking spaces. The store will have 2 access ways: one from Decebal Boulevard and one from Zelinski Street.

In addition, Kaufland stores in the Republic of Moldova will be heated by a smart, eco-friendly heat recovery system from the store's windows and chambers, thus saving natural resources. Also, each store will be equipped with charging stations for electric cars.

Last but not least, social-corporate responsibility (CSR) is a key component of the Kaufland strategy. Along with educational programs, the company supports cultural projects, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and environmental protection. And in this respect, only in 2018 the company has already invested an amount of about 500,000 euros.

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